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a dedicated mobile health app to help fight covid-19

for low income and persons of concern

powered by refugee and migrant health staff


For patients

For patients from low income background and persons of concern

  • Find free basic remote health care 

  • Choose the medical specialty you need, if available

  • The volunteer health staff is vetted to ensure high quality medical assistance 


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For health staff

 For refugee, migrant health staff and all others who wish to make a difference remotely

  • Volunteer if you are a refugee or migrant doctor, nurse whose accreditation has not been recognized in your current residence country, region

  • Or are not able to practice due to being part of a vulnerable group


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The purpose

The refugee crisis has been increasing for the last 10 years, from almost 40 million to around 80 million displaced people.


COVID-19 has brought additional challenges for persons of concern and those from low income countries, a total of 705 million people.

Line4Care aims to provide a multilingual two-sided mobile digital health platform to unserved and underserved populations from low income countries and persons of concern.


Global Plenitude is also creating the first global online job market specifically oriented to refugees, receiving Fast Company World Changing Ideas Award 2020 Honorable Mention.

We are completely aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals.


About us

The idea behind Global Plenitude came about in 2017 when the co-founder Paula Morais was working with Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon, engaging them in online higher education. She felt something innovative had to be done to in order to create a deeper positive impact in these people’s lives. 

With COVID-19 crisis and its potential devastating impacts, Global Plenitude pivoted from an online job board for refugees to provide free healthcare to those underserved or not served, including persons of concern, through Line4Care.


Global Plenitude consists of a team of creative and skilled individuals with diverse background and age that together aim to make a difference in low income and persons of concern’ lives. 

We have partnered with US-based Santira, Inc., as our technological partner. Santira creates software solutions that fuse data of all kinds, from all sources to create a real-time view of the truth for awareness and decision making.

The company uses traceability data as the backbone for supporting advanced analytics and decision support.


We hope that you join us on this journey.

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