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The global online job market for refugees.
Creating opportunities as a part of a durable solution for the refugee crisis.


The refugee crisis has been increasing for the last 10 years, from almost 40 million to around 80 million displaced people.

Every day, 37.000 people need to leave their home, losing their livelihoods and are incapable or not allowed to quickly find work while displaced.


Global Plenitude aims to create the first global online job market specifically oriented to refugees. Creating further opportunities for these individuals, and indirectly diminishing the pressure in the host countries. Therefore, being part of a global durable solution for the refugee crisis.

The Purpose
For Companies

for refugees

Find remote online tech work provided by global companies

  • Apply to work-tasks that better address your skill-level, needs and current life situation.

  • Choose from short or long-term tasks.

  • Participate regardless of whether you are in a refugee camp or looking for asylum and may need to move shortly.

for companies

 Hire highly-skilled workers and truly create a positive impact in their lives

  • Find and connect with refugee top-talent.​

  • Hire highly skilled worker for the completion of short-, medium-, or long- term tasks that can be completed online. Everything from translation, programming, video editing.

  • Make a difference.

For Refugees

About us

“To become a displaced person all you need is to be at wrong time, in the wrong place.”

The idea behind Global Plenitude came about in 2017, after the co-founder Paula Morais listened to a TED Talk given by Alexander Betts about how the refugee system is failing and how it can be fixed. 

At the time, Paula was working with Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon and therefore, had been having direct contact with the refugee-crisis. She felt like something innovative had to be done to in order to create a deeper positive impact in these people’s lives. 


Paula Morais currently works as a global advisor and project manager on adaptive leadership, digital ubiquity and transformation, and openness – with past projects in Europe, North America, Africa, Middle East, Caribbean and Latin America. 


It is a challenge to create change alone. Besides the co-founder Paula Morais, Global Plenitude consists of a team of four creative and skilled individuals with diverse background and age that together aim to make a difference in refugees’ and asylum-seekers’ lives. 




We hope that you join us on this journey.



The Global Plenitude Team 

About Us
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